Baby Blanket – Minky and Muslin Carseat Canopy Bundle – Grey Arrow



THE PERFECT CHOICE. Not too small, not too big. Not too thin, not too thick. Warm, but not too hot – truly the Goldilocks of baby blankets! ENDLESS COMFORT. Our blanket will endure infancy, toddlerhood, and pre-school years because our premium minky doesn??t shrink and we??ve reinforced the seams with double layer stitching. PROTECT WHAT MATTERS. Help your baby stay healthy and safe from germs, nosy strangers, bugs, rain, wind, harsh light and more while toting your little one around in their car seat. NAPTIME ANYTIME. Providing your newborn with a comfortable sleeping environment in their stroller or car seat is the key to a happy baby. Our cute carseat canopies will do just that! THIS POPULAR PRODUCT BUNDLE from Kids N’ Such is perfect for any mother looking for an adorable matching set for their breastfeeding experience.?See more product details


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