Newborn Baby Girl Gift -Cotton Baby Blanket Nursery -Knitted Unique Teal & Pink by Wee Dreamers



100% Cotton, Soft, and Breathable: Cotton is By Far the Best Choice for Babies; It??s Natural Fiber, Non-conductive for Electricity, and Soft. Knit Cotton Permits Aeration Efficiently & Non-allergenic NEWBORN BABY GIFTS FOR BABY GIRLS: Wrapped elegantly with ribbon and big bow; it??s gift ready; perfect for baby shower and registry LIGHTWEIGHT and VERSATILE; suitable for ALL SEASONS and WEATHER: Not too whimsical or too thick; lightweight and convenient GREAT for STROLLER, NURSERY, TRAVEL, HOMECOMING: 30×40 – right size for all strollers; with its pretty baby pink and greenish blue silhouettes and unique design it will turn heads on street and catch eyes in the crowd ORIGINAL DESIGN WITH GREAT MEANINGS: its meanings make it even more unique and beautiful. The ??Flower of Life?? in the center, the ancient sacred symbol, predominantly in Celtic culture, represents life, expansion and growth like our daughters; doves represent generational maternal love and angels?? protection. It celebrates daughters. It wraps little ones with love and protection. Read below more details FINELY KNIT USING DOUBLE LAYERED, REVERSIBLE, FINEST KNITTING METHOD: This fine knitting technique gives the blanket beautiful refined look and enhances the design?See more product details


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