NordSnow 100% Merino Wool Cozy Baby Blanket for Baby Girl or Boy



?WHAT??S SPECIAL ABOUT OUR KNITTED BABY THROW BLANKET? | Our blankets are made with care and precision. Merino wool is certified as an eco-friendly, natural and safe for children. Perfect for a newborn Baby Girl or a Baby Boy. ?EXTRA WARM AND COSY | Your child’s new favourite blanket! Unique one of a kind design blanket with a clever knitting. The throw blanket traps the air to keep baby warm and cozy in the winter and cool in the summer. ?EXTREME SOFTNESS | Soft Merino wool knitted blanket that feels nice against the skin. Perfect to put over your baby when it’s time for bed or just a little nap. The blanket is a natural product made from organic materials which do not irritate the baby??s skin. ?PERFECT SIZE | This comfortable size is easy to pack. When going on trips also can be an ideal for use in the car seat, crib, baby stroller and as a changing pad. ?PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS | Knitted from 100% Extra fine Merino wool. Throw blankets are hand washable in lukewarm soapflake water. After washing just rinse out the water dry flat. Our products are very durable and resistant to wear and tear.?See more product details


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