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Blankets, pillows and photography pillows
Blankets, pillows and pillowcases are decorated with your favorite photos or photo collages, which brings warmth and comfort to any room while adding a strong personality to your house. Photography and photography pillows can also bring you ideological help.
Choose your fabric: the wool cover is soft, hot and not heavy. The plush cover is made of soft wool, thick and hot. SHERPA is a high-quality wool fabric for photos, which can be customized. If you like a comfortable wool look and add warmth, this is a perfect choice. By weaving a photo image on a 100% cotton cover (more personalized than a printed image), you can personalize the photo cover. Photographic covers are beautiful memories that you can see or use.
Choose your design: Pre-defined models can easily create beautiful designs on your photo pillow, photo mask or photo pillow. Alternatively, you can create your own design by selecting the size of the project, photo number, text and design.